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P4P is the perfect fit for me as it touches on so many elements of my life that I value. P4P and Ina align with commitment to serve – clients, candidates and the wider community. Giving back to support greater causes – the ability for clients’ charities to be recognized through financial support – is invaluable.


P4P develops the kind of meaningful relationships that I cherish in my own life. To be able to do that with the P4P Team and our clients is a perfect match for me. Ina, as Founder of P4P, a women-owned and women-created business, inspires me and serves as a role model for other women. That is especially important to me as I have three young professional daughters who are early in their careers. The power of positive energy is everything and I appreciate that P4P has that as its DNA. To collaborate with people who truly care and want the best for others is incredibly rewarding.


I am most passionate about my family and friends. They inspire and motivate me. I have been blessed in my life to be surrounded with people I love (and like!) who support me and challenge me. I am passionate about appreciating the little things around me – in my home, in my community and in the beautiful landscape around me. I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of those people I care about.


I am honored to share this journey with a team where we support one another and learn and grow along the way. I am passionate about building something new professionally, honoring what is in place and learning along the way. It is not always easy, but it is all worth celebrating.

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