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After 30 years in professional services, working for firms of all sizes, growing and leading businesses globally, I believe I can have a much bigger impact for our team, clients, and community in a more nimble boutique firm. I’ve considered making a move like this over the years, but knew it could only be successful with a team who shares the same vision. The opportunity to partner with Ina Rose, a long time colleague and great friend who truly walks the walk, was too good to pass up.  If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that now is the time to pursue our passions and be part of something bigger and more important than ourselves.  I am incredibly excited to open Passion4People Consulting California and to spend my days with a passionate, talented, and fun team.


I believe that ultra high quality service is the most critical element in consulting and professional services, especially when paired with passion and enthusiasm. This combination translates into making a bigger impact for our clients beyond the work delivered, but also across their teams, which results in a higher level of performance and engagement.  In my experience, as traditional consulting firms look to grow and scale, services become more inconsistent.  From a people perspective, our philosophy is rooted in taking care of our team and clients and one way we do that is by striving to pay our people more and charge our clients less. This is one of the main reasons I'm excited to open P4P California.  We will be very selective on who we bring to the team and who we work with, never outgrowing our ability to consistently deliver at the highest levels.


I find I am at my best working with positive people with high integrity.  It is critical, especially in consulting, to have a "can do" attitude.  There are many times we'll run into road blocks and we have to ask - what else can we do and how else can we approach the problem?  While this may seem basic, I've encountered many situations where the so called experts only follow one approach and have a difficult time adjusting to meet their clients needs, ultimately leading to a poor outcome. 

I'm also thrilled that 2% of P4P revenue is donated to charity.  I look forward to working with our professionals and clients to understand their passions and how best to allocate the funds to have the biggest impact on causes that are important to them.  I, personally, am most interested in causes supporting alternative education, providing educational opportunities to the under served, and animal welfare.  This includes serving on the West Coast Advisory Board for my Alma Mater Binghamton University's School of Management and sponsoring children in Asia for more than fifteen years.  I'm honored to be able to give a little back.

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